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Good Tranny Orgy
2010-Oct-5 02:33 - Guy Hammers Two Cum Swapping Shemales

It would be really difficult to keep your cream in your balls if you were in the same room as these two gorgeous shemales! We see good-looking, long-haired stud Rick towering over the two ethnic shemales, who are called Rebecca and Shayara, as they both blow him. These two sexy transsexuals seem to be as into each other as they are in to their man, kissing each other periodically while they both work the penis with their mouths. The scene isn't all about oral sex; there is plenty of hardcore shemale anal as well! The well hung stud bangs both babes in the butt, gaping them before he spurts in one slut's mouth and they share the load.


2010-Oct-5 02:33 - First Time Tranny Experience Ends In Sticky Sweetness

This was my first transsexual experience, so I thought why not double up for twice the pleasure! I was a bit nervous, but once I started getting my dick sucked, I felt right at home. At one point, one of the girls pushes her dick into my face hoping to get some head...and call me a hypocrite, but I'm not yet ready to suck dick myself. I prefer fucking tight assholes. Hard and fast. For the grand finale, I jacked off into a beautiful mouth and we all got a taste of my sticky sweetness. Enjoy!


2010-Oct-5 02:33 - Kalena Rios and Carla Novais Make A Sexy Tranny Sandwich

This sexy tag team was more than happy to make a tranny sandwich out of me. And I was more than happy to provide the lunch meat and sticky condiments. Is it just me, or do you love the jingly sound that earrings make as your fucking somebody's face? It drives me crazy! It was a tight squeeze up these anal cavities, but I eventually poked my through. Watch as one girl gets on top and grinds me while she gets whacked off by her friend. It's almost as hot as when they french kiss my cumload.


2010-Oct-5 02:33 - 2 Sexy Trannies Get Him Off Real Good

I might not be blessed with the biggest cock in the world, but I know how to use it! And these two sexy trannies know exactly how to get me off! Just eating their perfect asses all day could satisfy me! But I'm lucky enough to get to stick my little pecker inside them, too! Fiery red heads are one of my guilty pleasures, and it's such a turn on when this sexpot plays with her balls while I'm poking her ass. My raven haired exotic beauty is no slouch either. Seeing my cum drip off of her tongue into the other was sinfully hot!


2010-Oct-5 02:33 - Walkyria and Alana Love Chew On Some Manmeat

These two stunning South American beauties are real meat eaters. So, I gave them my beef stick to chew on for a while. Talk about mind-blowing suckjobs. Watch them bend down with arched backs while I play their butts like bongos before finally sticking my cock inside both, balls deep. Some serious anal invasion going on here, and yet you can't fuck a smile off their faces! They must have really listened in school, too, because they sure know how to share skeet well.


2010-Oct-5 02:33 - Sexy Karen and Suzuky Swap Sticky Sperm

Two shemales that are hot for his jizz? No wonder why this guy can't stop giggling! Karen and Suzuky E are so ready to milk his cock dry, and they get started right away on sucking his dick while he licked their bodies up and down. You can see how horny he is for them, as his cock keeps growing and growing. He feasted on their nipples, and then had them bend over and stuffed his tongue in between their ass cheeks to get them ready for the hard fucking they were about to receive. He pushed his dick inside of them, one after the other, ramming their asses while they jerked off, and then cumming all over both of them so they can share his cum.


2010-Oct-5 02:33 - Sweaty Cum Swapping Trannies On A Leather Couch

Just how sweaty and sticky can get things get on a leather couch? Watch as these sexy trannies hold my dick like a microphone and sing a nasty duet! These enthusiastic sluts have bodies that were built to take a beating, so that's exactly what I gave them. From the back, from the side, from the bottom, see their yummy asses get violently stuffed. Then enjoy my sperm as it delicately dangles from one set of lips before free falling to the tip of an eager tongue. A cum swap at its finest!


2010-Oct-5 02:33 - Laisa and Patricia Share A Warm Cumload

My name is Santiago and I like it nasty. The more taboo it is, the hotter the sex! I've always fantasized about have two trannies worship my cock, so when opportunity knocked, I answered! I love dark and sultry brunettes, so fucking her puny asshole first was like heaven. The sandy blonde gave me an amazing pierced tongue blowjob, then sat her ass on on top of my dick and started grinding. With each bounce I could feel her floppy dick love tap my ballsack! It made me so horny. Seeing them swap my cumload was like a dream come true!


2010-Oct-5 02:33 - Sexy Ass Trannies Suck With Great Eye Contact

If eye contact really turns your crank, you'll love these ladies. Just look at those piercing green eyes and imagine them staring at you while your shaved balls are being licked and your dick adoringly sucked. I couldn't wait to taste these sexy asses, so I spread their cheeks wide and dove in tongue-first. The lubrication of my saliva made deep cock insertion smooth and simple. I pounded their rectums with everything I got, then deposited a load of sublingual spunk and watched them divvy up my delicious baby batter.


2010-Oct-5 02:33 - Tranny Hotties Tag Team Thick Tanned Cock

Why choose between a blonde and a brunette when you can have both? That's my philosophy anyway. Watch these hotties tag team my thick, tanned cock as I ready their tight assholes with my tongue, getting them nice and moist for deep penetration. Nothing's sexier than fucking a Brazilian from behind, pulling that long hair back and seeing those earrings dangle while my nuts slap against a round, plump ass. My delicious warm cum was meant to be shared among friends, and that's exactly what they do.


2010-Oct-5 02:33 - Thirsty Trannies Chug Down Man Juice

On this hot and sticky night in Brazil, we were all smiles. I love a good outdoor romp session, and these light and dark skinned trannies got exactly what they wanted on my front porch. Watch them bump and grind my massive cock as their tight asses get plugged deep. If you like jiggly bums and supple tits, you'll love these thirsty honey bunnies. See them chug down a gallon my refreshing man juice then swap all of its creamy goodness.


2010-Oct-5 02:33 - 2 Trannys Make Guy A Man And Swap Cum

Two stacked trannys, Bianca Blush and Suzy Valenca team up on Paulo Machy and give him one of the hottest blowjobs I've ever seen. They take his huge stiff cock deep into their throats and gag on it. These two trannies are so hot that you forget that they're packing some meat themselves. Paulo fucks Bianca silly and reams Suzy Valenca like a pro while her perfectly round tits and her she-dick swings from side to side. He pumps a huge load into both of their mouths and the three of them spit and swap Paulo's load several times.


2010-Oct-5 02:33 - Dani and Taiana Beg For Cum After Hardcore Fuck

The chicks like my curly locks. Me? I like chicks with cocks. There's nothing sexier than a pre-op tranny sucking your dick while playing with her own. It's a tight squeeze up the bum of this hot blonde, but well worth the effort. You'll love her would-be cunt and feminine charm. Watch me pound the shit out of her friends ass, too. They both begged me for cum, and I obliged with a double shot of cream, but I could tell that the brunette wasn't a big fan of the taste.


2010-Oct-5 02:33 - Two Hot Trannies Swap Sticky Cum

He better have a ton of cum ready to explode all over these two, because Rafaela Lohan and Gisele are two shemales that are in the mood to swap some cum after they drain his cock dry! They pull his swollen cock out of his pants and start to lick and suck it to get it wet between their mouths. He's damn near ready to blow his wad from the awesome head they gave him, but luckily he holds it in so he can start fucking some tight tranny ass! He bends one over the couch and rams her butt, and then she goes for a deep ride before he slams his prick inside of the other one. They finally get the hot load they desired, and share it together.


2010-Oct-5 02:33 - Graziela and Kelly Get Roughed Up and Love It

If all trannies were this smokin' hot, I'd give up on chicks without dicks completely. Just look at how sexy that jean mini-skirt and those black fishnet stockings look on their heavenly tanned bodes! These two ladies loved by massive crooked cock and didn't mind a little rough play either. I put my index finger and my tongue in each of their bums, then supersized the order with a slab of manmeat deep inside their gaping anal cavities. Watch them swap enough cum to fill a football stadium.


2010-Oct-5 02:33 - Horny Trannies in Intense Threesome

If you're looking for a hot tranny on tranny on guy threesome, this is going to be one of the best that you'll ever see. Amanda Gaucha and Carol Vendramini are the trannies of the day, and they are skilled at the art of the threesome. There are tits and dicks flying around everywhere, and Klaus gets to sit right in the middle and enjoy all of the action. He's one lucky bastard, especially at the end. Once he gets these shemales to that point, he ends up getting them to swap their cum back and forth, loving the taste.


2010-Oct-5 02:33 - Two Hot Trannies in Cock Filled 3some

The best threesomes are the ones where you get to see plenty of tits and plenty of cock. That's why you need to get some trannies on the scene! Daniela Markes and Isabelli Killer are two gorgeous, feminine trannies who not only enjoy a threesome with each other and Tonny Lee, they also want to cum swap after sucking everyone's dick. The three different cum loads start to mingle and mix as these two t-girls kiss and fondle each other after the threesome. It's as hot as the threesome itself is, that's for sure.


2010-Oct-5 02:33 - Big Dick Trannies Double Team Young Guy

These horny shemale bitches love to get fucked in the ass - and they don't mind doing a bit of fucking, either! At the beginning of this clip the two cock starved transsexual sluts, Sachenka and Sandi, double team curly haired stud Rico. The girls suck his dick and then take turns getting fucked in the ass by the dude. However, Rico's dominance begins to wane as one of the whores begins to finger his ass, soon following this with her large shemale cock! Rico ends up sandwiched between the two babes, fucking one tranny in the ass whilst the other sodomises him roughly with the full length of her big tranny cock - he gets it good!


2010-Oct-5 02:33 - Stunning Sperm Swappers Leona Andrev and Monica Rodrigues

I guess you could say I'm a bit of a steroid freak who likes rough play. That's why I prefer fucking chicks with dicks. This way, I get the best of both worlds: the feminine looks of a girl, but someone with the ability to take it up the ass hard, like a guy. These two trannies were fucking fantastic. Especially the one with the big hoop earrings, what a hottie! I love seeing those tiny nuts dangling while I'm giving it to her from behind. Watch these sperm swappers each earn a moist mouthful.


2010-Oct-5 02:33 - Stud Anus Bangs Two Sexy Shemale Sluts

Shaven headed stud Andre has got himself two gorgeous trannies for the night! This muscle man has been working out at the gym especially for this occasion, and now it's time to unleash the benefits of his training on these two shemale ass holes! Both of the girls are stunning, one a sexy blond and the other a gorgeous brunette. They are both dressed up in sexy bra and pantie outfits for their man, but soon he has them naked as they suck on his big black dick. His dark skin, especially dark on his man meat, contrasts sharply with the pale skin of these gorgeous shemales. He bangs both of them in the anus and then they swap his salty load.


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Guy Hammers Two Cum Swapping Shemales
First Time Tranny Experience Ends In Sticky Sweetness
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